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We first discovered SMP a few years ago, when Pedro was struggling with Alopecia Areata.
We were looking for a solution to get back his confidence, so he didn’t feel the need to wear hats and beanies all year round in an effort to cover his hair loss.

We tried many different treatments and supplements, camouflaging with makeup and even contemplated a hair transplant but nothing was working. SMP changed our world and restored Pedro’s confidence to enjoy a hat-free life. As a result, we wanted to share this amazing camouflage technique to help others on their journey.

At Coastline SMP, we focus on helping our clients regain confidence and self-esteem.
We provide an alternative non-surgical treatment to not only camouflage hereditary-pattern baldness, all forms of alopecia and surgical scars but also to add density to thinning hair in men and women.

At Coastline SMP we care for our planet and we endeavour to minimise our carbon footprint. We are committed to making sustainable choices when procuring our supplies to environmentally friendly products whenever possible.

Coastline SMP studio is located in the beautiful Portarlington in Victoria, servicing Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast and Melbourne via the Docklands ferry.

Pedro Lopez